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T-Shirt Fundraiser for Deputy Motes

T-Shirt fundraiser for LCSO Deputy Chris Motes Click this link to visit The Blue Crew's facebook page directly:

Pre-order here: Message from the Blue Crew:

"We are so honored to have the privilege of setting up this fundraiser with approval from the Motes family. If you haven’t heard, Deputy Motes has been undergoing cancer treatments since August of 2022. To read his most recent health update, please see this article:

We want to rally around the Motes family during this difficult time. If you are interested in ordering a shirt, please fill out this form:

We will also link to their Fund the First page:

As always, please help us spread the word by liking, commenting on, and sharing this post!" ---- Thank you Blue Crew for organizing this for Deputy Motes and his family. We greatly appreciate it and thank you for all you do!


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