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Deputy Motes Update

Update 4/5: With permission from Deputy Motes and Tabitha, I am sharing an update with you:


On March 18th, Chris was sent to the ER due to pain in his shoulder and leg. More bloodwork and scans on his brain were done and he was admitted at that time to help manage the pain and due to his oxygen level dropping. On March 21st, Chris was informed that the cancer has spread all over his body.He has been dealing with the wound care of a granuloma (collection of blood vessels) that opened. This granuloma has been scheduled to be removed on April 23rd.

Due to fighting decreased oxygen levels, Chris has access to oxygen at home at this time as needed, which he is mostly using at night.

He is schedule for a full body PET scan on April 9th and they will find out where the cancer is. He is scheduled for radiosurgery on April 11th if he can withstand lying down long enough to have it done.

We need to keep Chris and Tabitha in our prayers. This is a tough road they are on and they need all the support they can get while Chris continues to fight!

Update 2/13: The Motes thank you for your continued prayers, donations, and support! Chris has started back on his chemo and immunotherapy as of yesterday. Still a long road ahead. We appreciate you all!

Update 1/26: Surgery went well for Deputy Motes today. Thank you for the prayers, shares, and donations. Continue your prayers for him as he recovers and continues to fight cancer.


Laurens County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Motes is currently undergoing tremendous health issues, facing the challenge of kidney cancer which has metastasized to his lung and his brain.

On Friday, January 19th, Chris had a seizure and an MRI showed a tumor on his brain. This Thursday January 25th, Chris will undergo a radiosurgery procedure to prepare him for a very extensive surgery on Friday, January 26th to remove the brain tumor.

This procedure will render him unable to return to work for a significant amount of time. Medical bills and expenses related to follow-up appointments will still require payment. In addition, Motes' wife Tabitha works for the Laurens County Sheriff's Office Animal Control. Due to the nature of Deputy Motes' health and surgery, Tabitha will be out of work as well to care for him during his recovery.

Let's come together to rally behind one of our own, a brave deputy who selflessly serves and protects. Chris and Tabitha are both kind and giving people who need our help. LCSO will stand by them during this difficult journey.

You can donate using this FundTheFirst fundraiser link below. You can also donate via Venmo to @LaurensCountySheriff using Motes as the memo. Monetary donations can be dropped off at the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office during normal business hours, please specify the donation is for “Motes.”

Thank you for your support and prayers for Chris and Tabitha.


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