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DARE Wraps Up 10 Week Course with Local 5th Graders

Congratulations to these Hickory Tavern, Gray Court-Owings, and Waterloo DARE graduates! 5th grade students successfully completed the 10-week course with Deputy Devost and Sergeant Patterson, learning much about bullying, peer pressure, drugs, problem solving, and how to make good decisions in everyday life.

This program is intended to improve decision making and communication skills, addressing coping skills as well as peer interaction. With an emphasis on setting boundaries and being mindful, the DARE program has evolved and is continuing to make an impact on local students. We commend Deputy Devost and Sergeant Patterson for the work they are doing in schools to help students make better decisions while making lasting connections. We would like to give a special congratulations to our DARE essay winners. Each student prepared a thoughtful essay detailing what DARE means to them and what they've learned from the program. Hickory Tavern- Kynzli Hainsworth Aubreyanna Cals Waterloo- Ciara Ford

Esmay Worski

Gray Court Owings- Rosa Morales Gomez Rozalyn Mitchell

Congratulations and keep doing great things!


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