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Laurens County Sheriff's Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is to provide fair and impartial enforcement of the criminal laws of the State of South Carolina, and the ordinances of Laurens County.  In conformity therewith, I and my deputies preserve the peace, protect life and property, deter and apprehend violators of the law, act as the arms of our courts, and humanely care for those in our custody.


My deputies and I will respect and protect the rights of individuals.  We will perform our duties with honesty, zeal, and courage, and will strive to exercise sound, equitable judgment in our interactions with others.


We recognize that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without the support of the citizens we serve.  Accordingly, we will work to deliver consistent, high-quality law enforcement services, act as community-based problem solvers, and adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct and professionalism.

Sheriff Don Reynolds

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