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Community Programs

Christmas for Kids

Christmas for Kids strives to provide Christmas assistance
to Laurens County residents in need. Every year, the Laurens County Sheriff's Office provides Christmas gifts to hundreds of children. Through a stringent application and interview process, individuals are assisted on a needs basis. We rely on local businesses and community members to fund this program.

Family Assistance 

This program exists to aid those in need and has been used to pay for medication, utilities, emergency shelter, and necessities for house fire victims. We are grateful to our community partners who selflessly contribute to this fund and allow us to continue lending a helping hand to those who need it.

Project Lifesaver

This program allows us to place tracking bracelets on elderly or vulnerable individuals in the event that they become separated from family and wander away from their homes. These devices have proven to be invaluable many times and are certainly a comfort to families.

Project SOS

Project SOS is a Senior Outreach Service that is free to senior citizens over 65 living alone in Laurens County. Check-in visits and phone calls to participants are conducted by LCSO staff and volunteers. The main goal of Project SOS is to build relationships with local seniors, forming a connection with them and establishing a plan of action should the need arise.

Fear 2 Freedom

LCSO has partnered with Fear 2 Freedom to provide AfterCare and iCare Kits to victims of sexual abuse. These kits are gifts of hope given to survivors that include appropriately sized clothes and underwear, toiletries, resource cards, stuffed "Freedom" bears, and more items meant to comfort during a traumatic time.

Handle With Care

LCSO has partnered with area School Districts in an effort to provide awareness and support to students. When a child is involved in or exposed to a traumatic event, the deputy responding will contact the child's School Resource Officer who will in turn notify school staff who have direct contact with the child by simply communicating the child's name and "Handle with Care." This will allow school staff to better observe the child and provide support if needed or refer child to a counselor.

Secure The Call

Secure the Call is a nationwide organization that provides free 911 emergency-only phones to those in need. LCSO is a community partner, working with agencies who provide resources to those in need and at a high risk for needing emergency services such as domestic abuse victims, senior citizens, and other vulnerable individuals. LCSO will disperse phones through a referral process with those agencies and will also accept unwanted used phones to be refurbished by Secure the Call.

Special Needs Registry

LCSO's Special Needs Registry is a voluntary service open to all citizens with special needs who reside in Laurens County. This registry has been created to help deputies better assist residents in the event of an emergency by providing us with vital information regarding the registrant's emergency contact information, a physical description, current photograph, and pertinent information regarding how best to communicate with the individual. We welcome any suggestions to help us better assess the type of response necessary. There is no cost to register. Visit to sign up. 

Scent Of Hope Kit

The Upstate Bloodhound Search and Rescue Team has partnered with LCSO to provide Scent of Hope scent collection kits to residents in an effort to be proactive in missing or lost persons cases. Kits are available to at-risk residents; someone with Alzheimer's, a child/adult with special needs, anyone with a diagnosis who is likely to wander from their home. Visit to sign up and click here to read the release about Scent of Hope: LCSO Partnering with Scent of Hope (

For more information on our community services,
call (864) 681-4509 or email

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