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Man Arrested, Charged with Multiple Counts of CSC

In December 2021, a Deputy responded to Lakewood Drive in Clinton to assist DSS. Messages sent to a juvenile had been discovered and were observed to be concerning. The juvenile was immediately removed from the residence. After further investigation, 38 year old Randall James Holdway of Lakewood Drive was arrested and charged with three counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Disseminating Obscene Material, and Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor 3rd degree. 43 year old Kathi Holdway of Lakewood Drive was also arrested and charged with Unlawful Neglect of a Child. It is important to note that these individuals have been foster parents.

(Edited to add that The Holdways have never been state licensed foster parents.)

If you have any information regarding either subject, please call Investigator Kanipe

(864) 984-4967.


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