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Town Hall Meeting

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office will be holding its first town hall meeting on Monday, April 17, 2017 beginning at 6:00pm at Princeton Baptist Church. It will be held in conjunction with the monthly Princeton Community Crime Watch meeting. The purpose of the town hall-style meeting is to inform the citizens of the efforts being put forth by the Sheriff’s Office and to listen to input from the community. This will be the first of several town hall meetings that the Sheriff plans to hold throughout the county over the coming months. Sheriff Don Reynolds had the following to say:

“We at the Sheriff’s Office are trying to serve the people of Laurens County in the best way possible. Each community is different, so we want to explain how we handle our procedures within the office and, most importantly, listen to feedback from the people as to what we may be able to do better. This will give citizens an opportunity to express concerns or problems that they may have in their respective communities so that the Sheriff’s Office can fully address issues that we may not be aware of.”

The Sheriff’s Office welcomes everyone to these town hall meetings and hopes that they will prove to be beneficial for Laurens County.

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