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Sheriff Reynolds' Statement on Misconduct

In my forty-plus years of law enforcement experience, one of the most disappointing things I encounter is when an officer of the law breaks the law he or she takes an oath to uphold. It hurts to see someone dishonor the badge because it brings reproach to everyone who wears one – especially the ones who do it for the right reasons and do it well.

Over the past few weeks, we have been monitoring activities of certain employees at the detention center due to some inconsistencies and questionable activities. After intense investigation, it has been determined that some employees of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office have been inappropriately utilizing inmate labor for personal purposes. 

SLED has been contacted and is currently investigating this situation to determine the full scope and to gather all the relevant facts. 

I will provide an update with more information upon the completion of this investigation, including next steps and actions taken against any who have participated in wrongdoing. 

Three detention center staff have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and two individuals, Nicolas A. Walker and Holly Lynn Walker, have been terminated and charged with misconduct in office. 

While SLED continues their investigation, we will not make any further comments. 



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