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Man Arrested on Multiple Counts of Ill Treatment of Animals

On February 16th at approximately 2:30PM, Animal Control deputies were notified of a puppy being in poor condition after a rescue organization obtained custody of it. Due to the puppy’s condition (lethargy, low blood sugar, and a large wound on its leg) and subsequent death after rescue, Deputies then responded to the 1900 area of North Old Laurens Road in Gray to check on the condition of other animals at the residence. Upon arrival, the following was observed:

-All of the animals were noted to be dehydrated living in mud, water, and feces. Most were chained and some did not have collars-only padlocked chains around their necks. -Two puppies displayed mutilated non-surgical cropping of their ears. -One dog was chained in an area completely covered in water and is believed to be malnourished. -4 puppies that were approximately 5 months old were in a small enclosure full of feces. These puppies were severely bloated with worms. -One dog believed to have mange and other skin issues. Another was observed to have a tumor on her stomach area. -Another dog believed to be malnourished with ribs and hips visible. -One dog displaying an infected baseball sized abscess in his cheek.

All dogs were removed from the premises and given fresh water, food, and beds with blankets at the Laurens County Animal Shelter. The individuals below were arrested without incident and charged as follows:

Stepquevion Aquaris Calwile (pictured)- Multiple counts of Ill Treatment of Animals General and Ill Treatment of Animals with Torture

Cedric Daniel Williams- Ill Treatment of Animals

James Charles Calwile- Ill Treatment of Animals

“We will never stop being the voice for these animals who cannot speak for themselves. These are difficult situations that our Animal Control has to deal with daily and I appreciate their hardwork and dedication.” – Major Chris Martin


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