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Burglary and Meth

On 12/9/18 Deputies responded to a call for service at a residence on Hwy 25 in Ware Shoals after being notified that a subject was actively burglarizing a home. Captain Martin arrived on scene and found Angela Gunnells of Donalds, operating a red Dodge Dakota which was stuck in the victims back yard. The victim arrived on scene a short time later and confirmed that several items stolen from various buildings were in the back of the truck. While taking Mrs. Gunnells into custody, Deputies found her to be in possession of a quantity of methamphetamine. Angela Gunnells was arrested without further incident and will be charged with burglary 3rd degree, petit larceny, and possession of meth.

“This lady doesn’t even live in Laurens County, yet she chose to come here and wreak havoc on hard working, law abiding members of this community. I’m pleased that our Deputies' fast response allowed us to take this lady into custody and place her where she belongs” - Sheriff Don Reynolds

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