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Domestic Violence Incident Leads to Death of Horse and a Self-Inflicted Gun Wound

On 04/09/18 the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office responded to 56 Stiles Lane in the Hickory Tavern Community of Laurens County after receiving a 911 call to an apparent domestic dispute with shots fired. Upon arriving at the corner of Brickhouse Road and Stiles Lane, Deputies heard multiple gunshots and encountered two crashed vehicles that were involved in the altercation. Deputies then encountered the suspect, Colton David Hurley, who had shot himself in the face with a shotgun, but was still very mobile. Deputies took Hurley into custody, verified that the victim(s) were safe, and then continued the investigation.

It was determined through witness accounts and physical evidence that Hurley came to the residence looking for the victim, who wasn’t home at the time. When the victim arrived, Hurley rammed her vehicle multiple times with his truck. The victim fled from the scene upon escaping her vehicle and was pursued by Hurley. Hurley then tackled the victim and assaulted her. A relative of the victim arrived and the victim escaped from Hurley again and fled to her residence. At this time Hurley went to a nearby residence and gained possession of a shotgun, returned, and at some point shot a horse at point blank range, killing the animal. Officers also located other evidence to indicate other shots were fired.

Hurley then forced entry into the home with the firearm and held her against her will for a brief time where the victim held her small child. Hurley gained entry into a locked room by force and took control of the victim and pulled her outside, forcing her to see him shoot himself in the face. Hurley received only moderate injuries due to the placement of the weapon and was still mobile as officers arrived. During the approach by officers, Hurley surrendered without incident.

During the seven minute response from the time the call was received many units responded, one being a School Resource Officer (S.R.O) who was located at Hickory Tavern School. Deputies also had to contend with an approaching school bus which was diverted to a safe location by the S.R.O.

Hurley was released from medical care on 04/11/18 and taken to the Laurens County Jail where he awaits a bond hearing for the following charges. Hurley is charged with Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, First Degree Burglary, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime, Breach of Peace High and Aggravated, Ill Treatment of Animals, Unlawful Neglect of a child, and Pointing and Presenting a Firearm x2

Sheriff Don Reynolds stated the following about the incident: “The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is continuing my commitment to battle domestic violence in our Communities and will strive to assist domestic violence victim’s escape these type of volatile relationships. Hurley’s actions during this incident caused the victim to fear for her life and unnecessarily caused the death of an animal. Domestic Violence and the inhumane and ill treatment of animals will not be tolerated. We will continue to aggressively pursue prosecution of anyone who commits these types of crimes.”

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