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Two Arrested in Laurens After BMW Stolen From Greenville

On January 13th, deputies responded to the area of Neely Ferry Road in Laurens in reference to a stolen 2020 BMW being tracked via GPS. Eventually the vehicle was tracked to Wilsontown Road where it was discovered unoccupied and still running. A K9 was deployed at that time in an attempt to track any subjects on foot. Ricky Jay Owens Jr. and Thomas Wayne Allen were both quickly arrested without incident and charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

“Mr. Owens is a cancer on society. He was already out on bond for this exact same crime. Jail is where people like this belong instead of preying on innocent, hardworking people. He puts the lives and livelihoods of citizens in grave danger. Great work to these deputies on the quick apprehension of these subjects.” -Sheriff Don Reynolds


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