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Two Arrested After Two Pursuits

Yesterday (1/29) at approximately 9AM, deputies on routine patrol in the area of South Frontage Road and Cook Road in Gray Court observed a subject operating a black Honda sedan at inconsistent rates of speed and appearing to have trouble maintaining lanes. The tag on the vehicle was expired and deputies were able to identify the driver as Joshua Harvey.  A traffic stop was attempted, however the driver refused to stop and once the pursuit crossed the Greenville County line, a decision was made to terminate the pursuit at that time.

At approximately 2:45 PM this same afternoon, deputies were in the vicinity of the subject’s residence following up on the morning’s pursuit. The same vehicle (spray painted white at this time in an attempt to evade law enforcement) was observed being recklessly driven in the area of Bull Hill Road and another traffic stop was attempted at which time the subject again refused to stop. Due to the time frame and school traffic, the pursuit was terminated briefly for safety reasons. The pursuit was resumed as the subject continued on Highway 14 in the direction of I-385, where the driver passed cars unlawfully and recklessly. The vehicle was successfully disabled on 385 Northbound and this time, the driver was identified as Harvey’s paramour, Rosie Smith.

 Animal Control arrived on scene to recover one dog, one cat, and four chickens that were all inside the suspect vehicle during the time of this pursuit.

 Both subjects were arrested and charged as follows, with more charges pending:


Joshua David Harvey of Gray Court:

-Failure to Stop

Rosie Tressa Nicole Smith of Gray Court:

-Failure to Stop

-DUI, 1st Offense

-Two Counts of Ill Treatment of Animals, 1st

-Driving Under Suspension, 1st

-Unlawful Operation of Vehicle (Defective equipment)

-Operating with Expired Registration

-Seatbelt Violation

“These Bonnie and Clyde wannabes have tried to make fleeing from law enforcement a habit, but eventually your luck runs out. I want to thank the deputies involved for their work to put these two behind bars and I am thankful for a safe conclusion.” – Sheriff Don Reynolds ###


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