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LCSO partnering with District 55 to Implement "Handle With Care"

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce our partnership with DHEC and Laurens County School District 55 to kickoff the Handle with Care initiative. Handle with Care is an intervention that provides schools with a “heads up” that a child has been on scene during a traumatic event. LCSO deputies will identify children at a scene, find out where they attend school, and communicate with that child’s School Resource Officer. Other school staff members who have direct contact with the child will only know that this child needs to be “handled with care.” This partnership between schools and law enforcement is imperative and ensures that children who are exposed to trauma receive appropriate intervention when necessary.

“1 in 4 children in school have experienced a traumatic event. These children still have to go to class and carry on with their day, while carrying a burden. I hope that this initiative will help make the load these children carry a little lighter.” -Sheriff Don Reynolds


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