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Korean Veterans Reunite

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office had the privilege and honor to escort Mr. Lee Brouillette and Mr. Harry Hope through Laurens this morning.

Brouillette and Hope were Marines together in the Korean War almost 73 years ago. Trapped in the Chosin Reservoir together in temperatures dipping down to 40 below zero, the two are now the last living members of their group and the bond they made during such an unimaginable time is evident.

"We were told to dig foxholes. Hope was the first friend I made there. It was 40 below zero, my feet were frozen. We slept in a seabag on the ground and woke up with snow on top of us. That was war though," Mr. Brouillette remembered.

Until today, the pair have only seen each other again once since their time in Korea during a Marine reunion. Mr. Hope was flown into the Laurens County airport this morning from Missouri to visit with Laurens resident Mr. Brouillette and the reunion was witnessed by family members and local news media. Marine CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer) Ben Barron joined in to meet the gentlemen and thanked them for their service.

From the Laurens County airport, Hope and Brouillette were escorted to the Laurens County courthouse to view the Hall of Heroes where Brouillette's photo is proudly displayed.

"LCSO is proud to have been part of this joyous reunion and we are thankful for the dedication these men had (and have) for their country. Thank you Mr. Brouillette and Mr. Hope for your service and for allowing us to be there for your special day. God bless you both." - Sheriff Don Reynolds


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