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Barnyard Road Incident 10/16

On October 16th, deputies responded to Barnyard Road in Gray Court in reference to someone being shot. Upon arrival, deputies immediately began rendering aid to the individual. After investigation, it was determined that there was ongoing threatening behavior and domestic issues occurring between the subject and other individuals living in the area prior to this incident. On this date, the subject was on the property and presented himself in a menacing and threatening manner with a weapon. The subject did not comply with the resident’s request to vacate the premises and did continue towards the resident, attempting to tackle him to the ground. At this time, the resident did fear for his life and protected himself by acting in self-defense. For this reason, no charges are filed.

The subject did succumb to his injuries at the hospital and the Laurens County Coroner’s Office has identified him as David Dale Arrington of Gray Court.


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