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35,920 Pounds Of Litter Picked Up

The inmate litter crew cleaned up 35,920 pounds of trash this past month! The following roads were cleaned:

-Riverfork Road (2 days) -Milton Road near 56 -Welcome Church Road -Ghost Creek Road -Stomp Springs Road -Georgia Road (2 days) -Satterwhite Road -Bagwell Road -Bookroom Road and Hwy 76 area -Torrington Road -Curry's Lake Road and Wasp Drive

It should be noted that volunteers just cleaned up Riverfork Road in March and the bulk of this litter is found near the Box Dump Site. With that being said, we remind you of our Tarp it or Ticket initiative.

SECTION 48-53-20. Litter to be covered to prevent it from escaping from vehicle during transportation. "No vehicle which transports litter may be driven or moved on any highway unless the litter is secured by means of a covering which is fastened securely so as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle."

LCSO has free tarps available! Stop by our office during normal business hours.

As always, we are thankful to citizens who submit problem areas for cleanup. YES- we do set up cameras. YES- we do sift through dump sites to find identifying information. YES- offenders do get fined, go to jail, and/or have to complete community service.

Let's keep working together to clean up Laurens County.


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