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Veterans Affairs Honoring All Heroes, Planning Plaza

The Laurens County Veterans Affairs Office has long been a staple for the veterans of this county. Office staff assists veterans and their dependents in obtaining VA benefits by checking eligibility and gathering information to process both state and VA claims. However, our county Veterans Affairs Officer, Carey Bolt, along with the Hall of Heroes Committee, wants to include and honor all heroes this month and in the future. The public can purchase ornaments for five dollars to honor or memorialize Veterans and First Responders. There are two Christmas trees in the front lobby of the Veterans Affairs office, one for each group. The ornaments will adorn their respective trees.

“Our veterans are our heroes, but so are our first responders,” Bolt stated. “They serve our county and our country, putting their lives on the line daily to keep us safe, and I think it’s appropriate to thank them for their service as well.”

Money raised from the sale of these ornaments will benefit the Hall of Heroes Showcase located at the Hillcrest Square courthouse, as well as the Hall of Heroes Committee’s plans for a future park called “Heroes Plaza.” The plaza will be located beside the Veterans Affairs office and plans include a building for veterans and first responders to hold meetings, or events. Beyond that building, the Committee hopes to have an outdoor tribute to both groups, with pavers that community members can purchase to honor and memorialize the Veterans or First Responders for their service.

Carey explained, “Heroes Plaza will be for all heroes, and that includes veterans, dispatchers, fire, EMS, and law enforcement. It is my hope that County Council will see the need for such a place that can be used on a continuous basis by our county’s greatest assets and support us in this endeavor.” Don Evans, President of the Hall of Heroes Board, said, “It is important to have a place to recognize those who have made a difference in our community. Our local first responders provide daily services that keep the community safe, and without them, everything the military has sacrificed would be for nothing.”

Bolt consulted with Sheriff Don Reynolds on the First Responder aspect, getting his insight on how to shine a light on those who serve Laurens County daily. Reynolds stated, “I support the Veterans Affairs Office and I am pleased with Bolt’s vision. This country is great because of the sacrifices made by our veterans, and we are truly blessed. I am humbled by Carey’s plan to include First Responders in this way. Their jobs are often dangerous and thankless. It is refreshing to know that people do care and I appreciate his mission to honor them.”

To purchase an ornament for a Veteran or First Responder, stop by the Veterans Affairs office at 105 Bolt Drive through Monday, December 19th, 2022.



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