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Man Arrested After Failing To Stop For Blue Lights Twice

On 2/6/2021, Laurens County Deputies were advised of a vehicle pursuit that was initiated by Greenwood City. Dispatch advised that the vehicle was reported stolen and was being driven by Jessie Huckabee into Laurens County.

Huckabee was already wanted for a multitude of offenses by multiple jurisdictions, including Failure to Stop for Blue Lights and Driving Under Suspension 2nd, as well as Resisting Arrest with a Deadly Weapon for allegedly attempting to run over three Deputies with a vehicle during an incident that occurred in Laurens County just three days before.

Stop sticks were eventually deployed at Burnt Mill Creek Road and the subject’s vehicle was disabled on Highway 221 South. Jessie Huckabee is currently being held on the following charges, with more charges possible:

- Grand Larceny

- Malicious Injury to Property

- Driving Under Suspension 2nd Offense x2

- Failure to Stop For A Blue Light x2

- Resisting Arrest with a Deadly Weapon

- Financial Transaction Card Fraud

“This individual is a habitual criminal. He preys on society and is definitely a danger to the community. He is repeatedly arrested and released from jail. This needs to stop before the ultimate price is paid. The Deputies on scene handled the situation well and I am proud of their efforts in putting him behind bars once again.”

-Sheriff Don Reynolds


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