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LCSO Partnering with Scent of Hope

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office is proud to partner with the Upstate Bloodhound Search and Rescue team to provide Scent of Hope kits to Laurens County residents in an effort to be proactive in missing or lost persons cases.

Developed by Taylor Burbury, Scent of Hope Kits contain materials used to collect the scent of the subscriber which is then sealed and stored. In the event the person goes missing, the scent can then be utilized with our K9 or Bloodhound teams in an effort to locate the individual quickly and efficiently. The kits can last up to five years and are free, though they are funded through donations to the Upstate Bloodhound Search and Rescue team.

"When someone goes missing, it is a difficult scenario. Getting a good scent for the K9s and Bloodhounds to use can often be a problem. Items provided from the home can be contaminated by other smells or people living in the home. We need something specific to the person to get us off on the right track," explained Sheriff Reynolds.

The American Alzheimer's Association reported that six out of 10 people with dementia tend to wander and get lost in their community. The American Academy of Pediatrics reported that nearly half of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder go missing from their environment.

Sheriff Reynolds continued, "We have several people in Laurens County already enrolled in our Project Lifesaver tracking program and this is certainly something to benefit them. We want to provide an extra means of protection should one of our vulnerable residents go missing. We appreciate Taylor with Upstate Bloodhound Search and Rescue for donating these kits to us."

Kits can be obtained by filling out a form available on the Sheriff's Office website starting next week or you can stop by our office during normal business hours to fill out the form. A scent collection date will then be scheduled with a Sheriff's Office employee.

These kits will be available to at-risk residents; someone with Alzheimer's, a child or adult with special needs, anyone with a diagnosis who is likely to wander and get lost.

For more information, contact Deputy C. Snow or Sergeant Patterson at


Visit Upstate Bloodhound Search and Rescue on Facebook for more information on Scent of Hope kits and how to donate.


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