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8 Arrested for Ill Treatment of Animals

On May 25th at approximately 12PM, Animal Control was dispatched to Carriage Farms Court in Gray Court in reference to a malnourished dog. Upon arrival, the deputy observed a dog to be underweight with spine, hip, and rib bones showing. At least seven other dogs were also observed on the property at this time with no water in sight, except for a small amount that was dark green in color containing insects. Some of the dogs had no shade or shelter from the elements. One dog was covered in fleas and was later discovered to have heartworms. Inside of the home, deputies discovered deplorable conditions to include feces in various rooms on the floors, sunken floors, an infestation of roaches, and an overwhelming odor. Four snakes and a Bearded Dragon were in the home and had no water. One medium sized dog was being kept in a crate that was inappropriate for its size, with its paws sticking out of the bottom of the crate by several inches and its hips and tail pressed against the crate. This dog had no access to water inside this crate. Three cats inside the home also had no water and the deputy observed a kitten with matted eyes.

In total- eleven cats, four snakes, one beaded dragon, and eight dogs were removed from the home. Clinton Animal Hospital assisted Animal Control staff in vaccinating and evaluating each animal. The animals were provided with flea/tick treatment, deworming, and clean kennels/housing.

The individuals below were arrested and charged with Ill Treatment of Animals, in general and Ill Treatment of Animals, torture:

-Marlena Dodgens -Brailyn Young -Michael Yeargin -Tequila Lloyd --- These individuals were arrested and charged with Ill Treatment of Animals, in general:

-Christopher Dodgens -Brian Dodgens -Michael Dodgens -Cortney Dodgens

“These situations are found to exist all too often,” Sheriff Reynolds stated. “The fact that people choose to live in these conditions is beyond any understanding. The punishment needs to fit the harsh treatment these defenseless animals have to endure. This is truly disturbing.”


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