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Meet our K-9 Unit and Bloodhounds!

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of our K-9 Unit and our Bloodhound Tracking Team. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about our dogs!

Bloodhounds Sandy, Julie, Milo, and Maggie are all team players when it comes to tracking. Both Maggie and Milo are the newest additions to the team with Maggie being the youngest. Once Maggie completes her training, Sandy is looking forward to retiring after working here for nearly 8 years. Our Bloodhounds have proven themselves to be reliable and hardworking dogs. We appreciate the work their handlers put into training and caring for them.

Our K9 Unit consists of Joeri, Hiro, Liberty, Diesel, Max, and Pete. These K9s are utilized regularly on Uniform Patrol. Joeri is certified in tracking, criminal apprehension, article recovery, narcotics discovery, handler protection, and clearing buildings. Hiro is certified in tracking and explosive detection. Liberty and Pete are certified in tracking and narcotics detection. Max, the youngest of the team, is currently training for narcotics detection and tracking.

K9 Diesel has been an essential part of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit for 8 years. Diesel has been utilized at the Sheriff’s Office as well as other agencies within Laurens County. Her service to her community has resulted in a large amount of illegal narcotics being removed from the streets. At 9 years old, it’s time for Diesel to enjoy a life of retirement, endless belly rubs, and treats.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office K9 unit is seeking the communities help in raising money to purchase a K9 to replace Diesel. The new K9 will cost approximately $7,000, but will be fully trained and ready to hit the streets running. If you would like to donate, you can use this link: Donations can also be dropped off at our office (216 West Main Street).

Thank you for your continued support of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and our K9 and Bloodhound teams! Our dogs are valuable team members and aid us in fighting crime in Laurens County. Thank you to our handlers for your dedication to these dogs and this county.

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