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Meth Arrest

This is a PERFECT example of the efforts of community policing. Our office received a litter complaint on March 19th for Darkwood Drive in Waterloo. Upon arrival, meth lab waste was found along with the trash that happened to include mail and receipts for a Sid Lee Rd address. Using the NPLEx system (a system that contains identification of persons purchasing products that include Ephedrine) and surveillance from Walmart, investigators were able to identify a suspect. Though the suspect denied any involvement, a search warrant was obtained to search the residence, which, when searched, was found to contain items used to manufacture Methamphetamines, as well as individual amounts of meth packaged separately. Allen Dorsey Howington was charged with Manufacturing Meth 2nd, Distribution of Meth 2nd, Disposal of Meth, and littering.

Community policing is more than simply community involvement. It is about interacting with the community and developing a culture where people feel that they can report issues and get a response. The efforts of the community reporting a problem and the great work of our investigators led to getting yet another drug pusher behind bars.

-Sheriff Don Reynolds

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