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Animal Cruelty

On July 1, 2019 the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office responded to 452 Tractor Drive to assist Animal Control. When Animal Control approached the property, one of the subjects, Lori Lockey, fled the scene. When Deputies arrived, they located two horses, a kitten, and a rabbit living in deplorable conditions with little to no food and water. These animals were taken by Animal Control and relocated for their safety. Another person on the property, Stacey Lynn Mckenzie, was arrested without incident and transported to the Johnson Detention Center. Lori Lockey wasn’t located so we ask for the publics help in finding her. Both individuals will be facing charges for four counts of Felony Cruelty to Animals. If anyone has information as to her whereabouts, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 864-984-4967 or by calling 864-68-CRIME.

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