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Missing Child Found Safe

​On June 1st, 2018 the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office responded to 95 Jim’s Town Road in Clinton after a 911 call stating that a two year old child had left the residence walking, approximately one half hour prior to the call. The child was in the company of two black dogs that belonged at the residence. During this time the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office deployed bloodhounds, made a request for air support and assigned deputies to begin setting a wide perimeter around the area.

Within an hour of beginning the active search for the missing toddler, a long-time supervisor assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office spotted the child approximately one half mile away from the initial incident location down a long driveway off of Apple Orchard Road. The child was still in the company of his two dogs at this time. The child and his dogs were found to be in good health and fortunately didn’t sustain any injuries.

At this time a statement had been obtained from the mother of the child and an inspection of the home had been made. The residence was unclean with animal feces in the child’s room as well as exposed wiring and other safety hazards that makes for unsafe living conditions. Deputies also found that the mother of the child was asleep at the time the child went missing and the residence unsecure. The mother, Victoria Calhoun, 25 years old of 95 Jim’s Town Road, was arrested on scene for unlawful conduct toward a child.

The Department of Social Services were notified as well and responded to the scene and assisted during the investigation and inspection of the residence. The child has been taken into emergency protective custody.

“It’s a miracle that this child was found without serious injury or worse. There was a creek in close proximity of the residence along with ponds in the area. We all thank God this child was found in good health because this could have easily turned out much more tragic. Children come with great responsibility and require a lot of attention. Unfortunately for this child, his mother didn’t provide the proper attention and care necessary to keep a child safe and healthy. It breaks my heart to find a child living in these conditions. Children can’t speak for themselves and don’t have a voice in these situations. This child didn’t ask to be put in this situation and shouldn’t have had to live under such horrendous conditions.”

Sheriff Don Reynolds Laurens, South Carolina 

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