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LCSO Drone

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office is proud to have this drone to help us when we need an extra set of "eyes" in the sky. Investigators Haupfear and Cook are both Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certified drone pilots, which is mandated to operate this type of equipment in this capacity.

This drone has many purposes and functions that are beneficial to law enforcement to include: -Locating missing persons, particularly in heavily wooded areas or large landscapes. -Assisting with Bloodhound tracking cases. -Taking aerial photos of crime scenes. -Securing scenes before and during the execution of a search warrant. -Surveying heavily crowded events for safety purposes. Investigator Cook said, "This drone is an excellent and invaluable tool for law enforcement agencies. We are fortunate to have it here in Laurens. As you can see, the drone provides us with quality images and gives us an opportunity to be a few steps ahead of a subject in a dangerous situation."

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