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Man Charged with 5 Counts of Ill Treatment of Animals

On Friday July 9th, Animal Control Deputies responded to Kennedy Road in Hickory Tavern in reference to conducting a welfare check on dogs located at that residence. Upon arrival, the home was extremely overgrown with brush and there were various items of trash and debris scattered throughout. An overwhelming odor was noted, the front porch was piled with trash, and Deputies could hear multiple dogs barking from inside the structure. Deputies had prior knowledge of the individual residing here and this property due to an arrest made in 2018 for animal cruelty related charges, therefore a search warrant was obtained in order to check on the condition of the animals inside. Conditions inside the residence were deplorable. Deputies noted that the floor was not visible due to the presence of feces, urine, and hair. There was an infestation of roaches, rodents, and fleas. The smell of ammonia, filth, and mold was overpowering, and deputies had to wear breathing apparatus’ in order to reenter the home for the animals. Five chihuahuas were removed from the residence and all dogs were covered in fleas. There was no proper water for the dogs within the home. Laurens County Building and Codes did respond and condemn the residence.

All of the dogs were transported to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter, where they were evaluated, cleaned, and treated.

Timothy Edward Glassford was arrested without incident and charged with five counts of Ill Treatment of Animals.

“I cannot fathom how anyone could live in conditions such as these, much less subject innocent animals to this kind of treatment. I am thankful for vigilant members of the community who report such conditions to this office and I appreciate the work that Animal Control does, especially in terrible situations like this.”

-Sheriff Don Reynolds


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