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On September 20, 2018 Investigators with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people in relation to a burglary and theft on Hwy 72 West in Clinton. During these incidents the suspects stole several air condition units and other items valued at approximately $2,000.00. The subjects also caused significant damage when they broke windows to enter one of the houses. The crime scene unit of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was able to link the suspects to the crimes through physical evidence recovered at one of the scenes. The following people were arrested and transported to the Johnson Detention Center where they are awaiting a bond hearing.

“This type of criminal activity will not be tolerated in Laurens County. I am striving to make Laurens County a safe place to work, live, and raise our families, so let it be known; if you choose to push drugs in our county or steal from our hard working, law abiding citizens, we’re coming after you with every resource at our disposal” -Sheriff Don Reynolds 

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