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Animal Abuse

On September 13, 2018 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a call for service at 350 Wofford Shoals Rd. The Sheriff’s Office received a call from someone who was concerned about animals that were not being cared for properly. Upon arrival, Deputies located five dogs on the property with no food, water, or shelter. Two of the dogs were chained around their necks with heavy chains. One was padlocked around its neck so tightly that Deputies had to call for assistance from the Durbin Creek Fire Department to cut the lock to remove the chain. Two of the dogs were in a wooden box with no food or water, and the other dog appeared to have escaped his chain. Deputies also located a note on the door from animal control. The note was left on the door on 9/12/18, however they still had not been contacted by the owners as of 9/14/18. Investigators learned the people responsible for the dogs were Brandon and Robin Hayes. Both were arrested on 9/17/18 and transported to the Johnson Detention Center where they are awaiting bond hearings on their charges of Ill Treatment of Animals. 

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