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Narcotic Operation

On August 28, 2018 the Narcotic Unit of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested Zachary Hunter Strange in relation to a long-term investigation regarding the illegal sale of heroin/fentanyl pills. Zachary Strange was arrested at a gas station located near Hwy 221 North and I-385 in Laurens. During the incident, investigators located approximately 12 grams of fentanyl in powder form, a quantity of suboxone, and a quantity of marijuana. Strange was arrested without incident and taken to the Johnson Detention Center to be booked on the following charges.

2018A3010101011-Possession with intent to distribute fentanyl 2nd offense

2018A3010101012-Distribution of fentanyl 2nd offense

2018A3010101014-Distribution of fentanyl 2nd offense

2018A3010101015-Distribution of a controlled substance 2nd offense (Suboxone)

2018A3010101013-Possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, 2nd offense (Suboxone)

“This is another example of a useless criminal trying to poison our community with these drugs. As you can see from the charges, Mr. Strange didn’t learn his lesson the first time. We are working closely with the Solicitor’s office to see that he is punished accordingly this time. I want to make my message clear to these drug pushers out here. If you choose to sell this poison in Laurens County, we will relentlessly pursue you and we will seek the most aggressive prosecution the legal system has to offer” - Sheriff Don Reynolds, Laurens, South Carolina.

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