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On July 17, 2017, Deputy Darrin Boyd responded to a residence located on East Liberty Springs Street in Cross Hill in regards to vandalism. The victim of the vandalism reported to Deputy Boyd that when she went to feed her dog, she saw a white male standing on the outside of her home, therefore she called law enforcement. When Deputy Boyd arrived, the victim told him that the man had left walking toward a wooded area. She gave the description of a white male wearing a white tee shirt, shorts, covered in tattoos and he had a backpack. After Deputy Boyd left the victim’s residence and began patrolling the area, he observed a white male fitting the description sitting on a picnic table at the Cross Hill Community Park. As Deputy Boyd exited his vehicle, the male then fled on foot toward the Cross Hill Volunteer Fire Department. The suspect then ran into the fire department in attempt to elude Deputy Boyd. While waiting on backup to arrive, the suspect then ran out of the Fire Department with Deputy Boyd giving chase and shortly thereafter taking the suspect into custody. The suspect was identified as Bryan Lee Roeker, of 227 Lake Road, Clinton, SC. Inside his front pocket, Deputy Boyd located a clear plastic bag that contained 40+ grams of a crystal substance, field testing positive for methamphetamine. Sheriff Reynolds stated, “I am very proud to be the Sheriff of Laurens County. We have a very professional and dedicated Sheriff’s Office. The men and women of this office are and will continue to pursue and apprehend criminals. The message is clear - we will pursue and prosecute drug dealers and users we encounter in Laurens County. The people of Laurens County expect and deserve this!”

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