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The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office received a DSS Intake report regarding an alleged sexual abuse incident. Investigators learned that Katlyn Edwards had given birth to a child after being impregnated by her biological father. This child later died at a medical facility in Charleston, South Carolina. During the investigation, we learned that Katlyn Lauren Edwards and her father, James Travis Brown, had been in a consensual relationship when she became pregnant. During interviews with the subjects, both parties claimed the relationship was consensual and mutual. Investigators also found other evidence to support their claim that the relationship was consensual. Katlyn Edwards was arrested on October 22, 2018 without incident and was taken to the Johnson Detention Center, where she was booked on the charge of Incest. James Travis Brown is currently incarcerated in another county on unrelated charges. He will be transferred to Johnson Detention Center to face charges in Laurens County for Incest when he is released. “It is beyond my comprehension how this could take place between a father and daughter. At this time, I can’t confirm the baby died from complications related to incest, however we wonder if that’s the case. We are working with medical professionals and the Solicitors Office regarding that aspect of the investigation and will update everyone if there are any additional charges.” Sheriff Don Reynolds 

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